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Syntropy States

Audio Visual Relaxation Aids

Description : Syntropy (n)  

Anti-entropy. Movement towards order and symmetry.
Advantageous and orderly patterning. Unification of the physical and biological worlds. Evolutionary cooperation. 
Immerse yourself within 8 different meditation aids – one for each energy centre plus an extra heart coherence breath pacer. 

These Audio Visual Relaxation Aids are specifically designed to help you quickly disconnect from your busyness and stress, reconnect with yourself and recharge your energy centres.

Just 5 minutes will leave you feeling whole, balanced and in-tune with the heart of who you really are.

Beautiful, relaxing, renewing and mesmerising. A series of 8 exquisite audio-visual relaxation aids created using complex, emerging and evolving geometries in High Definition.

Syntropy States

Each unique geometry is paired with a gorgeous ambient chillout soundtrack composed using the latest 8D and binaural production techniques.

Syntropy States

To enjoy this relaxation aid to the full, watch in High Definition whilst wearing high quality stereo headphones.

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Breath Pacers


Only watch when it is safe to do so, these aids are deeply relaxing!

Syntropy States Relaxation Aids

Geometries by Allie Joy.

Soundtracks by Serenity States.

When Art meets Music

Allie Joy is a visual artist based in Birmingham, UK where she is creating a body of work that bridges at the intersection of art. science and technology. She is particularly passionate about using immersive technologies within health and wellbeing.

Her beautiful digital graphics are synchronised with a delicate and mesmerising soundtrack by Serenity States who have produced an accompanying album called "The Sounds of Syntropy" which can be streamed and purchased worldwide on all good music websites including Spotify, Apple Music and ITunes.

Syntropy States

Energy Centre AV Relaxation Aids

Meet The team behind The Syntropy Partnership

Gavin Andrews - Allie Joy - Mark Soden

Gavin Andrews Heartmath UK

Gavin Andrews

Gavin Andrews is Managing Director for HeartMath UK and Ireland.

He is also the founder of WeAddHeart – a global meditation movement for people who want to connect more deeply with their own hearts and the hearts of others.

Allie Joy Artist

Allie Joy

Allie Joy has exhibited her beautiful art internationally and is a current artist in resident at Birmingham Open Media and Pervasive Studio at Watershed, Bristol. 

Her passion for Meditation inspired her to create the amazing digital art for Syntropy States.

Mark Soden Malvern365

Mark Soden

Former Newspaper Director & currently Managing Partner at Mirror Noir Records.

Soden formed the Cydonia Collective in 2016 and Serenity States in 2018 teaming up with Sound on Sound Director Paul White. He practises mindfulness daily and is passionate about the subject.

Reviews of Syntropy States

"I enjoyed the time that I spent with the Syntropy States videos. Before I tried them, I was much more of an “eyes shut” kind of meditator, because I like to rest my eyes and focus in the darkness. Having spent time watching pleasing geometries flow and expand in these videos, backed by chill music, I can certainly see the benefits that open-eyed focus can bring."
Casey Douglass reviews Syntropy States - CLICK HERE

“Wow!! Amazing work!! I find them really hypnotising – such incredible artwork ! It makes me feel an increased sense of oneness and connection to the whole when I look at those patterns and the movements.”

“I dropped into coherence pretty much immediately and was in a trance by the end of it! Both the music and visuals really worked for me (spirograph was my fave game as a child and now I know why!!). I also like that it’s short – makes me immediately want to work it into my regular schedule.”

“This was amazing [Galon – Heart Chakra] I’ve tried it a few times now and out of all of them, it immediately demands my focus and locks me in. FYI my coherence was in the 6 – 6.8 region! The visuals are spectacular and I particularly like the waves that sit and dangle both on the left and right, it’s pretty cosmic!”

Most times I measure my breath hold I still feel some anxiety - not always but usually. When there is no anxiety I feel an amazing freedom, lightness, wholeness. When I saw the Syntropy clips used for advertising, I immediately felt that something was happening with my level of anxiety. It was like the information from the Syntropy visualisation/sound was going directly to my fear centre and saying. "It’s OK. Look at me and you are safe”. Since using the full tracks after purchasing the package, the anxiety has reduced dramatically. While I watch and listen it feels like my exhalation is being gently drawn out longer and it feels free, light, like I’m in ‘the zone’. That sensation almost feels addictive. Away from the visualisations, I find that I can extend my exhalation without provoking any sense of anxiety. It almost feels like I could hold my breath forever and it feels good. My breath hold time in that really relaxed state is more like 10 seconds. I’m sure it will grow better from there. Initially, I felt one track was enough. More was too much of a good thing. Now I can enjoy two in a row. Each time I choose a different two. I feel that this is the next great thing to help me toward optimal health. I will regularly practice emWave, Syntropy and my breathing light exercises, separately and together.


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